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This cricket – whose name comes from an old tradition of using them to bite warts off skin – can only be found in four naturally occurring locations across East Sussex, Dorset and Wiltshire.  While another population has been re-introduced in Kent the wart-biter is at a high-risk of extinction due to loss of its habitat on heathland and chalk landscape as well as its prey.

Renewable energy projects can provide a long-term dependable income stream for a period of more than thirty years.


The rental income is index linked and provides a low-risk, hassle-free diversification from traditional farming.  Whilst the land is in operation as a solar farm the soil is rested, thus helping it improve.

Our leases can allow for the landowner to elect to continue to use the underlying grassland for sheep grazing.


At the end of the lease the solar farm operator is obliged to remove all of its equipment and reinstate the property.

Please click here to see the steps to take a project forward. 

Solar Development
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