About us

We formed One Planet to bring together a team of people each with a proven track record of successful development in the renewable energy industry.


James Stoney - Business Development Director

James has worked in the renewable energy sector since 2005 for companies including Anesco and KiWi Power.

James spends an inordinate amount of his spare time maintaining a small holding often thinking about how he’d rather be fishing, shooting or playing tennis.


David Peill - Commercial Director

Following 10 years of commecial property including with Savills, David oversaw the promotion, construction, funding and divestment of over 650MW of solar and energy storage assets for the BSR group.

Outside of work David holds a second job as a taxi driver to his children, and when time allows, he nips off with his fishing rod to a nearby river.


Michael Campbell - Head of Legal

Michael spent seven years at Travers Smith, before joining Serverside Group as General Counsel. He then joined Elgar Middleton, where he established and led the firm's development of solar farms and anaerobic digestion plants.

At home in Dorset, he plants trees, keeps bees, wrangles antique Land Rovers and walks unruly dogs and children.


James Wallwork - Development Director

James started his career in commercial property development for companies including Cushman & Wakefield and Miller Developments.

James joined Elgar Middleton in 2010 where he oversaw the development and successful exit of 11 solar farms totalling 156MW.

An accomplished gardener, James has a small no-dig regenerative market garden that provides fresh veg and eggs to local kitchen tables.

In 1950 there were an estimated 36 million hedgehogs in the UK.  In 2013, this had dropped to one million, a third of the levels at the start of the millenium.
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