Information for Landowners

One Planet works with landowners to develop solar farms and battery installations. 

The typical development cycle is made up of these stages:

Assessment – we will undertake a review of your property to confirm it is suitable for a solar or battery project.


Grid – we will work with your local electricity distribution network to ensure that the project can connect to the grid.

Planning – we will prepare, submit and promote your property through the planning process to obtain the necessary permission for the project.

Property Lease – we will work with you to agree an option to lease that contains all the necessary provisions for you as the landowner and for us to raise finance to build the project.

Development Funding – we will work with the funder who will be the long term owner and operator of the project, typically a dedicated infrastructure fund or pension company.

We are happy to pay for all of the above steps at our own risk.  If you prefer, we are also happy to engage in an open-book joint-venture with you to share the development risks and rewards.


Why choose One Planet?

One Planet is different because landowners have direct access to the decision makers in the business who are personally financing the development.  We deliberately limit the number of projects we undertake to those with the greatest chance of successful delivery. 


Your development will therefore be one of a few projects which we will undertake at any one time: it will not be lost amongst a large pipeline of projects. While one of our team will have overall responsibility for your project, the whole team will track its progress day-to-day.