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In a competitive and relatively young marketplace it is often difficult to know who to select as your development partner.  We pride ourselves on our open and collaborative approach, and are happy to point our potential partners to past and present landowners to obtain third party references. 

Why choose One Planet? ​​One Planet is different because landowners have direct access to the decision makers in the business.  We deliberately limit the number of projects we undertake to those with the greatest chance of successful delivery.   The directors of One Planet will personally focus on your development which will be one of a select group of projects which we will undertake at any one time. It will not be lost in a large pipeline. 

We have proven track records in the successful promotion of land for both solar and energy storage developments across the UK, from Scotland to the south coast of England, across to Wales in the west. 

One Planet is financially strong and used to shouldering all of the land promotion costs, including paying the professional fees (agent and legal) of the landowner, in addition to option fees themselves where appropriate.


To find out more about the chronological steps to taking a project forward, please click here.

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