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One Planet's principal activity is the development of solar farms and battery energy storage sites from site selection through to construction and operation.

We are different from other developers in that we undertake projects in a variety of ways:


1.   on our own account, where we take all the development risk;

2.   in joint-venture with landowners, where the development risk and reward is shared between us and the landowner; and

3.   on behalf of landlowners, where the landowner wishes to retain a higher proportion of the development reward but is willing to take the development risk.

We are also happy to acquire project rights for landowners and investors and to manage the construction of projects.

One of only two species of toad in the UK, the Natterjack is said to be audible over several kilometres but sadly there are vast swathes of Britain in which it cannot be heard at all.  It has all but gone from these islands, appearing mainly in small areas of Lincolnshire and Norfolk, and along the western coast from Lancashire to Dumfries. They have been reintroduced in Hampshire and Surrey but are still considered endangered, despite female natterjacks being able to lay up to 7,500 eggs during breeding season.
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