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Battery Development

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One Planet develops large scale battery energy storage systems from site selection through to obtaining planning permission.

Three critical components are needed to build a battery energy storage site:

1.   a grid connection that allows the battery owner to import and export electricity from the electricity network;

2.   an option to lease under which the developer and landowner agree the terms of the lease that they will both enter into once planning permission has been secured; and


3.   planning permission to build the battery energy storage site and associated substation infrastructure on the land at least for the length of the lease.

Securing planning permission requires skill, experience and sensitivity. It is important to compile the right, high quality reports and studies so that the local community and planning authority can see and understand what is being proposed, how it is going to be built and what it is going to look like.


We can undertake all the development work described above at our risk and cost – we even pay landowners’ legal and advisors’ costs in negotiating the option to lease.

Please click here for a map of our current projects.

To find out more about the options available to you, please get in touch by calling us on 0345 257 9899 or emailing us at

Storage Development
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